• Guarantee Section


    This present Guarantee is subject to our Terms of use .


    Certain conditions and limitations apply. See the tyre manufacturer website to find details about your tyre warranty and/or different warranties available. In general, a tyre can be claimed under warranty within 2 years or 50,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). The warranty period starts from the date of the installation or the date of manufacture, depending on the manufacturer.


    "Workmanship and Materials Warranty claim is applicable only when the problem comes from a production issue."


    Warranty claims may be considered invalid, among other reasons, if;

    - A defect is caused as the result of driving or road conditions out of our control.

    - The tread has perished due to normal wear and tear.

    - Uneven wear has resulted from re-installation or incorrect wheel alignment.

    - Tyres have been used or stored inappropriately or abusively.

    - The vehicle engine was modified or replaced.

    - Damage, malfunction or failure that are caused by accident, natural disaster, fire or theft.

    - Tyres are installed on another vehicle.

    - Removal, reassembly, repair or modification of the tyre.

    - Improper maintenance.



    • If the warranty claim has been examined by the manufacturer and is deemed valid, blackcircles.co.za will refund a proportionate amount as a percentage of the remaining tread depth on the tyre.
    • Blackcircles.co.za shall not be responsible for accidents, damages or injuries.
    • Blackcircles.co.za shall not be responsible for any damage to vehicle parts caused by defective tyres.