Best highway tyres, the VI-286HT is a highway terrain tyre for SUVs

Prices (including fitment) from:

R 1,630.00 to R 1,850.00
Installed tyre price includes delivery to our fitment partner as well as fitting, balancing and standard rubber valves

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Product description & features for ECOVISION VI-286HT

"Four circumferential grooves and open shoulder slots - Prevent aquaplaning with enhanced wet grip peformance High-density sipes with silica compound - Delier a smooth ride, lower noise and improve traction on dry and wet roads Variable pitch pattern and optimised footprint design - Superior comfort and quiet ride Solid centre ribs - Provide steering stability and deliver a comfortable ride Joint-less nylon band - Improve tread stiffness and uniformity and deliver high speed stabilit"

All sizes available for ECOVISION VI-286HT

All 235's
235/60 R17 H (102)
235/65 R17 H (108)
  • Reinforced
235/60 R16 H (100)

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