The Couragia F/X is designed to deliver pure driving excitement and dynamic, sporty performance to LSUV drivers.

Prices (including fitment) from:

R 1,741.00 to R 1,930.00
Installed tyre price includes delivery to our fitment partner as well as fitting, balancing and standard rubber valves

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Product description & features for FEDERAL COURAGIA F/X

"Four main grooves enhance water dispersion to elevate stability and handling against aquaplaning. Center rib directs on-centered momentum, providing comfortable and reduced wear. Reinforced outer tread blocks provide enhanced traction during intensive driving, with superior wear resistance. Optimized pattern design helps provide traction and reduce noise."

All sizes available for FEDERAL COURAGIA F/X

All 255's
255/55 R18 Y (109)
  • Reinforced
All 265's
265/55 R19 V (110)
  • Reinforced

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