Our customer service team is here to assist you with the manufacturer warranty claim process and will communicate to you all the necessary details if you want to proceed with the request. blackcircles.co.za is an authorized reseller and we work with the official tyres distributors in South Africa that support manufacturer’s warranties.


    STEP 1. Contact us at 031 242 1220, or email us on support@blackcircles.co.za  to explain the problem with your tyre, and we will send you a Warranty Claim Form to fill out. 


    STEP 2. You will need to purchase a new tyre to replace the damaged tyre to allow the manufacturer to inspect the defective tyre. You can buy the replacement tyre anywhere as long as you provide a receipt when asked.


    STEP 3. Fill out the warranty claim form and send us pictures of the damaged tyre. This will help us understand the problem and facilitate the warranty process.


    STEP 4. We will send the information provided and open a file for you with the distributor and manufacturer to analyze your claim (They will tell us if the problem is eligible or not).


    STEP 5. IF THE PROBLEM IS COVERED BY THE MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY, the tyre is sent to the distributor for a physical evaluation.


              a. The damaged tyre, which is pre-approved for inspection, is then sent to the distributor. The tyre is received at the warehouse and is first examined (example: tyre wear measurement). If the tyre is admissible, it is then evaluated for warranty by the manufacturer.


    *This process can take 6 to 12 weeks.


    STEP 6. We will keep you informed of the response to your claim and if the warranty claim is accepted, you will receive a refund for the tyre.* 

    *We will refund the price of the tyre + taxes, but not the installation.





    Many manufacturers offer different kinds of warranties, all of them are applicable to products purchased on blackcircles.co.za. They can however be confusing or very complex; in this guide we will list and explain the different types of warranties and what they cover. You will also find a list of manufacturers to see what warranties they offer.


    The Standard Manufacturer Warranty is offered by all major manufacturers as well as some entry-level ones, this warranty covers factory defects and issues for new tyres. If a tyre is damaged due to an issue during the manufacturing process or because of a quality issue in the materials used in the construction, this warranty will cover the replacement. Any tyre that shows damage from a road hazard (puncture, sidewall bump) will not be covered by this warranty. 

    Also called Workmanship and Materials Warranty.


    Some Manufacturers offer a Road Hazard warranty. Any tyre that is damaged by a road hazard (impact break, cut, puncture) will be replaced free of charge by a manufacturer (Can be pro-rated to usage). These warranties usually have a limited duration (first year of usage). They are great if your tyre gets damaged by a curb or pothole.


    A lot of tyres are offered with a Limited Mileage Warranty (Also called Treadwear Warranty). Depending on their use and applications, tyres will have a certain KM rating determined by the manufacturer; if the tyres are worn out before the limit, the manufacturer will offer a pro-rated reimbursement. For example if a set of tyres is worn out after 90,000 KM and had a Mileage Warranty of 100,000 KM, the manufacturer will issue a reimbursement of 10% of the value of the set.

    However some conditions apply, the most important one is that a proof of tyre rotation every 8,000 to 12,000 KM must be provided with the claim.

    In reality, these warranties are not to be taken to the letter and your tyres might not last exactly the amount of KM on the warranty. However it means that the manufacturer is confident enough in its products to give them a KM rating that will usually be close to the total use of customers. 


    The Tyre Satisfaction Plan is usually offered for a set of 4 tyres, if you are not satisfied by the tyres, you have a 30-day window from the date of purchase to exchange them. Most manufacturers require the customers to exchange their tyres for another product from their product line-up.


    The Roadside Assistance is offered only by a handful of manufacturers, essentially if you have a flat tyres or road hazard, this warranty will offer you a free service to tow your car to the nearest tyre retailer that will repair your tyre or change it (different limits apply but typically under 70 km )


    Warranties by Manufacturers:

    You can visit the manufacturer's website to see what warranties they offer: