What are Run Flat Tyres?


Run flat tyres are designed to continue to perform for a limited amount of time, even if there is no pressure in your tyre further to a puncture or a tyre damage. This is a self-supporting tyre that has a stiffer section of rubber in the sidewalls of the tyre. This prevents it from deforming and staying in place on the rim. The disadvantage is reduced ride comfort due to the stiffness of the sidewalls. 

In general, if driven cautiously and under 80 km/h, tyres will be functional for up to 100 kilometers. This is enough for the driver to get to a dealership or a tyre specialist to resolve the issue. Vehicles with run flat tyres do not have spare tyres. We can help you find the nearest dealership by clicking here (www.blackcircles.co.za/dealerships/)


Here's a Run Flat tyre by Continental:

Do we need to check the pressure from run flat tyres?

Yes, maintenance for run flat tyres is no different than from standard tyres.

Can I fit run flat tyres on my vehicle if I do not have them already?

No, run flat tyres can only be installed on vehicles with tyre pressure monitoring systems.

How do I know if I have run flat tyres on my vehicle?

Run flat tyres have a "RF" on their sidewall of the tyre to indicate that they use the run flat technology.

How can I find run flat tyres on your website?

Our tyre results includes a "Run Flat" filter that you can select to show only run flat tyres in the size you need.